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To be out of limitation

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Most people think of how they can fit in all they want to be, do, or have into the framework they call their life right now. There’s a real catch 22 in that. You cannot generate and create new possibilities from your current limitations of thought, you will think you are doing something different to get something different but only go back to exactly where you started from. Groundhog day, eh? Anyone experience that? I sure have and with all the best intentions. It’s exhausting. Where have you set up your life from limitations rather than possibilities? Where do you maintain having as a limitation rather than a possibility?

Think of all the background secret agenda’s you blindly bought as real, right, and true that you might be operating from. Give it up, don’t bother, you’ll never have that, no way can you achieve that, not smart enough, don’t deserve to have it all, no one in my family ever has done that. Where do you justify and hold the rightness of your points of view to maintain the limitations that are your current reality? What if there were no limitations? What would it take to generate and create a future of having from unlimited possibility? It all can be yours!!