Marsha Marsh Coaching, Inc is a consortium of resources for the corporate world, business partnerships, couples, families and individuals. We are Certified Professional Coaches trained in Co-Active Coaching and Relationship Systems Coaching™.

Over 15 years ago, in the infancy stages of Marsha becoming a coach, she developed a personal vision that is the foundation for everything she does. Little did she know how much these words were a part of who she was and it continues to be true for her today.

Marsha’s mission is to create a world that is safe and joyous by teaching others how to accept, express and love themselves.

With all the passion Marsha has, she could not sit still with just one-on-one coaching and wanted to make a difference in an arena that affects our entire culture. Today, with a big part of her work being in corporate America, she adds to her personal vision/mission statement:

At Marsha Marsh Coaching, Inc., we create teams that interact with high levels of trust, integrity and leadership while producing profitable outcomes by facilitating and educating executives and teams in having simple, honest, human conversation.

Marsha’s personal and business values are core to all of her decisions and to all the coaches at Marsha Marsh Coaching.

Simply said, being our word, doing what we say we are going to do. Holding ourselves accountable.  Having a high standard of our work.

Being Inspired/Being Inspirational
We step into all that we are, and can be with total naked honesty. Moreover, we are incredibly touched and frequently moved to tears watching others do the same.

We have an undying commitment to working towards being “Response-Able” as opposed to “Re Active” and to take ownership when we are being reactive.

Our passion inspires creation and vision. It is what drives us and compels us. Passion is the impetus and root of creation.  Our actions from our passions make our visions come alive.

To us, synergy is the valuing and blending of different ideas to create something altogether new. The total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. We live by the rule “Nobody gets to be wrong; there are only differences”.  The impact of synergy feels electric to us!!

Personal Growth
We are committed to lifelong learning about ourselves and others.  The greater our self awareness, the greater we can develop and grow into our unlimited potential as a human beings. The more we can see others, the more we can make a difference in their lives and in the world.

We are leaders and we show our leadership by knowing our values, being accountable to them, and living them out in action. We boldly call others forth to uniquely live theirs.  We see people as the powerful individuals that they are capable of becoming. We challenge and inspire them to really go there and be extraordinary.

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