Business Coaching

Over the past 10 years with our work in organizations we see that corporations do not have a proven formula for increasing profits, transforming workplace culture, and fostering result-oriented teamwork across the entire organization. Companies today are pretty savvy at obtaining the technology needed for their organizations to progress, they have leaders that understand the business needs, however it is the cultural mindsets and behaviors that companies are lacking.  Without them even the best ideas can fall through the cracks and never get implemented.

We often hear things like “we can’t afford the money or time”.  We are questioned consistently as to the value of leadership and team work.  At Marsha Marsh Coaching we know it is a must and take a stand, that in order to have the core business initiatives become successful they must align with the technology and the behaviors of the most important resource in the organization. The people! Productive teams are at the core to producing sustainable, measurable and profitable results.  A great idea is useless without the people to make it happen.

With “initiatives” it is often the flavor of the month, getting political or intellectual commitment at the most. There is no passion, or there may be pockets of passion, but not a monomaniacal focus. The focus has to be integrated company wide, must know the importance of using differences to innovate.

We have a strong focus on alignment, alignment, alignment, from top of the organization to the bottom!

We believe in:

  • Create a learning organization; raising business performance
  • Strategic initiatives and relationship transformation
  • Alignment in people, process and technology
  • Flush out the most important things they need to focus on right now to fix their business, such as refining top business objectives for companies success
  • An agreed upon vision, unified corporate vision an exciting future, that is well-communicate and has company wide connection and to increase buy in
  • Defining or redefining and vision, mission and values
  • Aligning behaviors with vision mission and values
  • Needs to be business case and clear objectives that are part of the organization’s strategic plan; senior leaders, and all employees in the organization have some skin in the game in achieving
  • Foster a culture of disciplined execution with trust and accountability, and one that rewards open, honest and courageous communication
  • Aligning relationships with organizational and individual contributors
  • Fleshing out implicit current culture rewarded and punished behaviors; realigning desired behaviors norms with core business objectives
  • Employee engagement, critical element for driving organizational outcomes
  • Challenging shared performance goals to use the talent in the organization
  • Developing the inherent talent and best resource in the organization, the people
  • Establish appropriate behavioral norms to deal with toxic behaviors as dissatisfaction increase social cohesion breaks down and failed initiatives
  • Appropriate and frequent metrics in place to monitor the tactical and behavioral norms to know if you’re organization is on track with start to finish
  • Creating tactics and measurements to know if you’re on track with your initiatives
  • Creating internal diversity networks and resource sharing
  • Mining for the necessary conflict as the platform for innovation



There are a variety and combination of solutions all customized to support the ever changing and forward growth of your organization.

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