Executive Leadership Coaching

Our intention is to influence the authentic leadership that already resides within executives, partner with it, and move these executives in powerful ways to be fully engaged in the workplace. This in turn, inspires and calls forth the inherent leadership in those around them. We aspire to give business leaders a roadmap to ultimate success and fulfillment. We are vitally aware of how tough it can be in the corporate atmosphere. We understand the experiences of “too busy, I can’t even breathe”, “How do I influence to get buy-in and consensus?”, “How do we develop the trust needed to have healthy conflict?”, “I can’t get my staff to work to their potential”, and more……

We know these frustrations come from a plethora of sources, so we have developed processes to:

  • Develop leadership by identifying strategic beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that leverage strengths
  • Discover not so much what a leader, does, but who a leader is
  • Gain personal responsibility, accountability and other leadership competencies
  • Develop emotional intelligence to achieve balance and more fully contribute to their organizations (or project successes)
  • Identify values to infuse into business creativity and innovation to realize more balance and fulfillment.
  • Create customized actionable processes to increase awareness for continuous improvement.
  • Grow authentic, talk straight and create mutually beneficial relationships company-wide
  • Acquire insight to reconcile corporate and individual needs
  • Build consensus in the midst of conflicts through effective communication and building of trust; be effective with the people they serve?
  • Gain clarity of reason in team member actions, first, as individuals and then, as members of that team
  • Learn how to work with the inherent conflict in all relationships
  • Create alignment of vision, values and the priorities of executives, as well as their teams, to achieve sustainable results

The coaches at Marsha Marsh Coaching are not afraid to speak the hard truth, as so often needs to be heard in the corporate environment. They encourage clients to tell them what works, and what doesn’t about their coaching. All the coaches understand that it is a big deal to hire someone to come in and help to create change and departure from the norm. We stop at nothing to get results for our clients. We understand the difficulties that come with change and will challenge our clients to achieve their results, believing that they can have exactly what they want. Supporting our clients to do so is our passion and priority.


Executive coaching generally takes place at the client’s workplace as we are vitally aware of the time constraints in the business environment today. It can also provide the opportunity for several people to be coached over the course of a day, and doesn’t require client staff to travel. Our coaches will work to establish a development plan, or 360-degree review, or work where one already exists, to focus on progress and improvement areas.

Telephone coaching is also a popular option and can be a cost effective solution when there are schedule changes, or out of town plans for individual clients and teams. This process augments in-person coaching to achieve desired results when schedule and plan changes often tend to derail progress.

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