Just do it!

What can you do differently today that would change things right away? Just go out and do something, anything different today!! So often we have a conclusion about how we want things to look. If only it could be like that…. If only I can see things change this way…… So to create ‘that’ we have to do ‘this’ and there is no room for anything else. We silly humans want it to be ‘this way’ because that is what we think will make us happy. By thinking this way we stifle the immense possibility of something even better showing up. When we make conclusions we stop the joy of creating and the fun and excitement that comes with generating new possibilities. Not doing and waiting for the perfect and right thing to do rarely makes us happy. “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” Ouch! Again, we can’t possibility generate and create new things when we have already determined what it looks like before we act. So think of something you would like to see change and just do something different. And that will lead to a something else and then another something else and then you’re different and your life is different! I sound a bit like Nike, but Just do it!