Stuck to your story? Yuck!

stuck to wall

If you find yourself in the same internal conversation about what’s not working that you were in 6 months ago, you’re stuck!! Your mind has a way of perpetuating stories and beliefs that keep you comfortably, uncomfortable right where you are.   I find the best way to getting unstuck and moving forward is to first recognize and allow yourself to feel that icky, yucky feeling inside.  Some ways you might recognize those sensations are by noticing how you’re trying to prove your story right and someone else’s wrong, or by your clever excuses, justifications or defensive behaviors.  Recognize and allow the sensations then ask a moving forward question.  Such as, What else is possible here?  How does it get any better than this?  What would it take to …….?  Believe it or not you actually don’t have to have the answer right away, cause if you did already know the answer you wouldn’t still be stuck.  Asking the question is the beginning of opening up the energy for some other ideas to come to you that are more in alignment with moving forward than aligning with your old stories.   Ask questions from complete curiosity for a few weeks on a stuck topic and I mean every time you start going down the rabbit hole into the icky yucky stuck feeling of your story and in a few weeks let me know what’s different.  My buddy, Einstein say’s “We can’t solve problems by using  the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.  Ask a question, let it go, you will be amazed at how your answers or better yet your new choices show up.