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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Intentions equal results 100% of the time.  If you want to know what you intend and are committed to… look at what you have in your life.  Your consensus reality is a mirror of your thoughts and actions.

For example, if you’re truly committed to wealth and prosperity, you have it already.  If you desire it, but are truly committed to staying the same (safe and familiar), you’ll have that too.  There are many other necessary attributes to getting what you want such as; desire,  focus,  commitment, and what you take action toward.

Let’s start with desire. I believe there are other words such as want, intend,  have,  but desire… ahhhh that lustful word is the one absolutely necessary component to getting what you want.  It is our desires that get translated into its physical equivalent.  Desire is such a powerful emotion because it takes in the sensations of having experienced what you want already.  When you can clearly feel what it’s like to possess what you want, your vibration creates a wake for success to sail into port. We are masterful manifestors.  In fact,  look at your life and everything you have masterfully manifested into it.  Even when we can consciously create that which we want, we still begin with a spark of desire.  If you can feel it, you know what it is like to have it and therefore can create it.

What desires do you have for your future?  Share your desires in the comments below.