“Marsha has been instrumental in my success.  I would not be where I am today without her support.  If you have the desire to succeed in life, Marsha will support you in finding the way.” Brian Myers, Emty Bag Productions, Chicago, IL

“Marsha’s group coaching brought self-awareness to several members of the team who did not realize their actions affect everyone. And that is truly the turning point in our office to rely on all of our individual efforts to promote STELLAR performance throughout the team by sharing our successes and failures in a constructive and non-judgmental fashion.”  – Sue Neal, Merrill Lynch Chicago West Complex

“We first used Marsha to help re-build a sense of teamwork and accountability in our workplace. Everyone got so much from the workshops and discussions we felt it was time and money well spent to increase our team morale, productivity and project ownership. She provides great insight and inspiration to kick-start new ways of thinking; helping to break down those internal barriers that keep us from fully engaging with those around us. It was so beneficial; some of us even hired her as a personal coach outside of the office to work on personal relationships, goals and careers. We were all empowered and motivated to act on our own betterment.” February 16, 2009

“Being coached by Marsha enabled me to see myself and see my situation differently and it opens up the possibility of making choices based on what I want. I was able to tap into core/driving beliefs that was so empowering, so freeing … – Silvana Tosic

“An excellent coach for teams and for individuals, Marsha gets individuals to look within themselves and teams to explore team dynamics. She helped greatly with my personal interactions with team members and family. Highly recommend her for teaming sessions. Augment with personal sessions to get best value.”
Jeff Tertel, Exelon Corp.

“Has great insight and instinct when it comes to understanding organizations and how interpersonal relationships impact team performance. She is skilled at taking a team, understanding its baseline relationships and performance and then constructively and tactfully help the entire team and management plot a course for improving the team relationships and subsequent performance. Marsha sticks with the team throughout its evolution, tracking progress and if necessary alters the course to reach the goal.”
Ted Squires, Ascent Group

“I’ve known Marsha for the past 18 months in various capacities. She has assisted at training programs I have been involved in and we have collaborated at least a half dozen times on various projects we have worked on. During this time I have known Marsha to be highly motivated and full of energy. She is highly relational and her front of room presence is captivating. She is flexible in her approach, always striving to foster relationship with her clients to provide a winning position for all involved.”  Bruce Schram, Life Works Co-Active Coaching   February 7, 2008

“With so many individuals becoming leadership or executive coaches, the profession has become somewhat commoditized. Coaches today, like all businesses, need to differentiate themselves and their respective value propositions. Marsha Marsh is an original. Her bent for coaching and mentoring was in place long before the field became the vogue. Every conversation with Marsha has value. Whether it delves into hard-life reality or veers to light, engaging wordplay, she is always helping people sort it out. That is her gift. Marsha doesn’t fit into the norm, or the vision of what people might think an effective coach is all about. She is eminently qualified to do this important work, and her positive impact on people is indisputable. I endorse her wholeheartedly.”  JD Gershbein, Owlish Communications, Linked In Expert, Writer and Strategist

“Marsha is an exceptional coach who I would recommend especially for organizations looking to manage and grow teams. She is very good at developing the possibilities teams are able to achieve.” December 15, 2007
Melissa Giovagnoli
Founder, Business Growth Strategist, Networlding Inc.

“Marsha Marsh is as perceptive as she is intuitive. Being a life coach is not something Marsha does, it’s who she is. I have learned so much from her even in the most ordinary conversation. Then again, with Marsha, nothing is ordinary. Her spirit is fun and animated and she is able to blend her enchanting personality with a quick depth that astounds me. If you’re looking for a savvy life coach, hang on to your seat and call Marsha. Tobby Fried”
Tobby Fried
Realtor, Sothebys International Realty