Individual Workshops

Whispering SecretsDid You Say What I Heard?™

When someone is willing to stop talking or thinking and begin truly listening to others all of their interactions become easier and communication problems are all but eliminated. ~Ken Johnson
In this workshop, learn the art of listening and the joy of connection.

Personal Growth MapGetting It Done™

Are you a classic procrastinator and believe there is a magical time called later? Or are you just not that into what you are doing? Do you think this year will be the year you finally get organized? In the workshop you will discover your top values, align with them, and more forward!

Personal Growth MapEnhancing Communications through Emotional Intelligence – Working with Conflict™

Learn the power of Emotional Intelligence to build trust and establish credibility while reducing frustrations all while opening new lines of powerful productive communication. Develop new ways to interact and communicate with difficult parties and gain more influence.

Personal Growth MapEmbracing Change™

Discover the difference between change and transition. Be able to handle loss, effectively manage the problems that arise from change, and learn tried and true methods for getting everyone on board with personal or business change.

Personal Growth Map

Conflict Resolution – Bridging the Differences™

Gain skills on how to manage and resolve conflicts. Develop concrete strategies for constructive resolutions that promote healthy communication in relationships.